Portagese-California-Texas Gate

Welcome. Be sure to close the gate behind you.

Thanks for visiting my site.  When I moved out west 30 years ago I learned two time honored tricks for getting by in the back country. First, when you come across a gate, leave it like you found it–open or closed.  Second, either drive the truck or sit in the middle.  If you sit in the passenger seat you’ll spend your day opening and closing gates.

A friend who I worked with back then called the gate shown in the photo above a “Portagese” gate.  I’ve also heard it called a “Texas” gate and a “California” gate.  They are common throughout the west.  This one is in northern Arizona.  What do you call them?

The large posts on this gate are juniper tree trunks, probably planted about 3 feet into the ground.  The gate stays are juniper, too.